Practical information


The Union

Resignation from your previous union

Remember to resign from your previous union, so you won’t pay for a dual-membership. Usually it will be sufficient to resign by mail.
Please let us know if there is a notice period on your previous membership. Then I’ll make sure to activate your membership at Business Danmark, at the date of resignation.

When will I be covered?

You’ll have full access – to all we offer - from the first day of your membership.

Urgent legal counselling

We will help you with all legal matters, regarding your work, provided it happens after your enrollment in Business Danmark.


Salary Insurance

You can transfer your rights from a previous salary insurance, or get an offer on a completely new salary insurance. Calculate your price here.
Call the sales department on 3374 0303 or write an email to:   – then we’ll fix it for you.


The unemployment fund

We will secure your right to recieve unemployment benefits.

We will automatically move your membership in your current unemployment fund, and make sure that you don’t lose your rights. If you have remaining money – or have paid in advance – concerning your membership, it will automatically be transferred back to you.

When will my membership be transferred?

Usually it takes between 2-4 weeks before your unemployment fund is transferred. We will keep you informed during the time, and you can always keep track of the process on our self-service.
If you are unemployed you will be transferred at “current month + 1 month”.

If you are new to the unemployment system

You have the right to receive unemployment benefits, when you’ve been a member of an unemployment fund for a minimum of 1 year, and has earned 233,376 DKK within 3 years. Those rules are applicable for all the unemployment funds in Denmark. 

Early retirement

If you pay to ”early retirement benefits”, it will automatically be transferred to us.

If you live abroad

If you’ve lived – and been member of an unemployment fund abroad – then you’ll have a maximum of 8 weeks to sign in at a Danish unemployment fund. Otherwise you’ll lose your rights.
You need to get an approved PDU1-form by the government from the country, in which you have worked and lived. You can get the PDU1-form from your previous employer or from the foreign unemployment fund, you’ve been a member of. Send us the filled out form on:



The union costs:
167 DKK/per month (124 DKK after tax deduction)
501 DKK/per quarter (373 DKK after tax deduction)

The union and unemployment fund costs:
657 DKK/per month (489 DKK after tax deduction)
1.971 DKK/per quarter (1.466 DKK after tax deduction)

The unemployment fund costs:
490 DKK/per month (365 DKK after tax deduction)
1.470 DKK/per quarter (1.094 DKK after tax deduction)

Early retirement benefits costs:
520 DKK/per month (386 DKK after tax deduction)
1.560 DKK/per quarter (1.160 DKK after tax deduction)

Tax deduction:
You are entitled to deduct the quota and we automatically report it to SKAT.

You prepay with us every three months. We send bills in 2 ways and it depends on the date you are signed in. Either we will send you a reminder by mail when the bill is ready for your self-service or it will be sent on paper and will be in your physical mailbox. After initial payment, we recommend that you sign up for Payment Service.