The job interview

Finally, you are invited to a job interview - and it is your dream job.

However, when you get over the first moments of joy end excitement, you begin to sweat the cold sweat and get nervous. What now? How does it work in Denmark? How will it go? How do you prepare yourself? What if you say something wrong and what questions will they ask? What should you ask them? The first impression means everything.

At this workshop, we will come across the job interview from A – Z. From how to tackle nervousness and become aware of your body language to how to strengthen the story about yourself. What you may risk being asked about and how do you handle feedback on personality testing.

Time and place

Thursday March 28 from 10.00 – 13.00, Min A-kasse, Ramsingvej 28, 2500 Valby.
There are 20 seats are distributed after first come first served.

How to register

  • Selvbetjeningen
  • Choose "job og møder" 
  • Choose "AK-booking"
  • Click on "Møder Valby" and choose "Find tider Jobcafé"