Take control over your stress and succes in your job search

Workshop in English

Do you know the feeling that your job search is taking over everything in your life? It controls everything and you are losing your motivation and the belief that you will ever find a job again. The unemployment fund is bombarding you with rules, your Jobcenter calls you for an endless number of meetings and miscellaneous courses, and internship you might not believe will bring you any closer to a job.

Do not worry! This workshop will give you ideas and tools how to tackle this pressure. How you structure your job search so it does not control you and how you – with a good conscience - can let go of job search and give yourself a mental break so you get more balance in your everyday life. Additionally, you get the opportunity to network with other job seekers.

Time and place

Thursday November 15 from 13.00 – 15.00, Min A-kasse, Ramsingvej 28, 2500 Valby

We will serve tea, coffee and cake

There are 20 seats are distributed after first come first served.

How to register

  • Selvbetjeningen
  • Choose "job og møder" 
  • Choose "AK-booking"
  • Click on "Møder Valby" and choose "Find tider Jobcafé"